Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Winery Wedding

Sarah & Ben Bradley
March 31st 2012
A day full of God's glory and joyful smiles.

It all started in the Cornerstone Church office when I heard screams of congratulations as the happy couple, sporting matching T-shirts that declared their engagement, walked through the halls. I wondered back to the front desk and heard the story of their epic engagement. As Sarah and Ben got back into work mode, Sarah came up to the front and asked if I could possibly help her with her reception, like I had for a mutual friend the month previous. I told her I would check my calendar. What an awful response- I was terrified to have so much responsibility. After a few weeks, and some serious consideration, I agreed wholeheartedly and dove into the challenge. After months of planning, meeting, chatting, emailing, calling, sending text messages, and visiting locations, the day had arrived. Here are a few stunning photographs from the day. Thanks go to Logan Clement for amazing shots!! (Click on his name for his Facebook page, or click HERE to see his blog.)

  Prairie Moon Winery was the place to be that night. The happy couple made the food that was served a huge priority, giving thanks to all of their guests. Christianis Catering served an amazing Italian meal for the 230 guests. They also provided all of the centerpieces, the cake stand, and wine tree! Their staff was an absolute joy to work with, even while I stood there watching each and every move they took. It had to be perfect... ;)

I also had the privilege of helping with the cake top. They decided to go with 300 cupcakes and realized that needed a cake to cut! I volunteered to make them one. I also LOVE to bake...if you had not noticed. I made it the night before, and almost ended up crying as the almond butter cream frosting would NOT stick to the cake. But, after serious prayers, the frosting began to stick. PHEWWWW! And the flowers went in the morning of the wedding. And, if I do say so myself, it looked great!

And besides the random decorations, I took the guestbook very seriously. We had a custom archway built and brought in. I adorned it with lights, ribbon and twine, in order to create a clothesline effect for each guest to attach a note card to. I had empty wine barrels moved under the clothesline for the supplies needed to create a one-of-a-kind signature. It is hard to describe, so here are the pictures! 

The frame holds the directions of how to sign the guestbook.    

Overall, this weekend celebrating the marriage of Ben and Sarah was a total success. Sure some things were misplaced, rushed, and even forgotten. (Oops!) But at the end of the night, they were happily married. Sarah looked BEAUTIFUL and Ben was very handsome. The whole entire wedding party looked pretty sharp too. Families and friends were joining together in laughter and tears of joy. The dancing went long into the night and I slept very well after all was said and done. 

A Look Ahead: A wedding cake for Nathan and Elena this August, a possible baking adventure for Katie and her fiance, and a wedding next May for a couple I work with!!!