Wednesday, April 10, 2013

THE Dress!...and other attire.

Can you believe you are getting married!? If you are still in shock, I will believe it for you!!!

You get to go shopping for the most precious, but expensive, single dress you will most likely ever wear. (Unless you are competing in the Miss USA Pageant. But only 50 women a year get that far in the competition.) Anyways, you get to have fun, hang out with family and friends, and put down a small lump sum on a dress all on the same day. Sometimes you end up shopping for a few weeks, and that is okay, but keep in mind that most dresses take 4 to 6 months to be made once your order is placed.

Make your appointments early, with travel time in between, and be on time. Most bridal boutiques give you a 90 minute appointment with a consultant. If you want to arrive early and look at the dresses they have on the floor most shops are okay with that, but do not forget to remove your dirty dusty shoes.

When you arrive, be open and honest with your consultant. She is there to help you, the bride, not cater to the 20 opinions in the room. She will ask you questions, read your body language, and pay attention to only you. Have fun and try on dresses that catch your eye, but make sure you ask her what dresses she would pull for you to try. From personal experience, they know what dresses look good on you, and what will never look good on your body type. Most importantly, have FUN while you are shopping. Do not get discouraged if you do not find the dress on day one-it will happen eventually!

Bridesmaid dresses and tuxedos are usually available through your bridal boutique as well. Because you get everything in one location, they usually have HUGE deals. Keep this in mind when thinking about tux rentals, bridal party attire, flower girl dresses, little black dresses, a reception dress, and all accessories. The more you buy the more you save!

Remember that this day is all about you, and your wedding day should be very special. Get a dress that makes you feel stunning-because you are!

Places To Shop:

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Selecting Your Media Vendors

Next step...
Now that you have been able to secure a location for your ceremony and reception, we can move on to your media vendors. These vendors fill up fast and do not come cheap. Hear me out because they can make or break your memories from your wedding.

 Videography: Many people ask themselves if they really want a video of their wedding to be professionally done or shot by a friend. Does the budget allow for a professional? Well, I spoke with a friend of mine, Michael Hennings-Wedding Memories of Omaha, on his thoughts towards videography. I asked him why he thinks hiring a professional is the best way to go. His response:

 “You should get a professional and modern videographer for your wedding because you spend twelve to twenty-four months planning for one single day, you'll spend more money than just about ever before on any one day, and you'll have all the closest people in your life all around you, and you probably will barely even have time to enjoy it. Your wedding day is such a blur. It's exhilarating and it's exhausting, and it leaves very little time for reflection. Video brings back all those memories that otherwise you probably wouldn't get to enjoy, and moments you inevitably would have missed with your closest family and friends. It may even show you things that you'd never realized were happening. And photography captures a different side of it, but you don't get to see those memories truly come to life.” 

 Photography: Every couple wants their special day captured by a camera. The photographs you get four to eight weeks after your wedding are a great memory and you want them to be timeless. Or, in my opinion you should want them to be timeless. Photographers are most commonly found by word of mouth or on photography blogs. I think the internet is a great source, but make sure you see multiple examples of their work. If you find wedding pictures you like, ask the couple what photographer they used!

 I personally think that a large portion of your budget should be spent on your photographer. I cannot emphasize enough that if you have a bad photographer, who does not understand the camera, and depends on Photoshop to "enhance" the photos, you will be disappointed with your photos down the road. Do not sign a contract without seeing hard copies of their work. Read the contract word for word. Many photographers own the rights to the photos for years. If you want the rights to the pictures make sure that is agreed upon. I know all of this sounds harsh, but I am only looking out for you. Promise. Once you are comfortable with your photographer you should put down your deposit and lock in your date. 
some photographers I suggest:
Music: Your DJ can be booked now, or in a couple months, depending on your wedding date. I would also say that you will get the best DJ by word of mouth or personal experience. Bridal boutiques often have business cards or will recommend who they have seen put together a rockin' dance party!
For each vendor you want to book- videographer, photographer, or DJ- read contracts, ask questions, and make sure ALL of your vendors have a passion for what they do! If they have a love for making your day perfect, you will see it in the quality of their work, and by the smile on their face.

Michael also commented on just that-the joy in the job.
"The best thing about what I do is without a doubt getting responses from people after they see their wedding video. Almost nothing else matters in comparison to that email, card, or phone call I get after I show someone how beautiful their video turned out. When someone tells me that we were the best thing they did on their wedding day, I think that makes it all worth it.
The next best thing is getting to be creative, artistic, and really make something beautiful."

Happy contract signing!