Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quadruple Chocolate!

Chocolate Lovers Unite!!!!
I may have gone a tad overboard with these delectable creations.
Double chocolate cake with chocolate chips baked right into the batter. Then I made chocolate butter cream by adding cocoa powder to the mix. I piped that on and sprinkled the semi-sweet mini chocolate chips! You know that funny white look that chocolate chips get as they age, well I hate it. It will ruin a decoration. To remedy the white coating, I put the chips in a cupboard near the oven. They got warm enough to soften, but not melt, making the white film disappear! Whoo!


Hmmm, I wonder what I can bake next! Who has a birthday coming up?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Giant Birthday Cupcakes!

About a month ago I promised to make a batch of sweet treats for my photo taking-coffee loving-friend, Logan Clement. I may have let time slip by, but I would say by the reaction on his face as he took his first bite, it was worth it. 

I went garage sale hunting with a friend a few weeks ago and found a giant cupcake/muffin tin! I knew I had to get it...because really, who the heck does not love a GIANT cupcake. Am I right people? Twice the cake and twice the frosting. I rest my case.

These Funfetti cupcakes came from a box, and with some tricks up my sleeve, they apparently turned out way good! Almond butter cream frosting adorned the top in a swirly pattern of sweet goodness. I know because I licked the beaters. I dressed them up with some fun sprinkles for a pop of color! Logan, being the phenomenal photographer that he is, agreed to take a few fun photos of my latest creation. (Click HERE for his blog!)

Here they are!!!

Top View!

Black and White
Cube Pic!
 A cupcake from Heaven on a Cloud...ha ha!

I may be obsessed with cupcakes, considering I just made another batch for our Call-A-Thon at church, but I just cannot help myself! I LOVE baking!