Saturday, March 30, 2013

Let The Countdowns Begin!

Its getting to that point in time where count-downs are starting to form! 
And considering how much I plan, this only a handful of countdowns that are continually running. I need an app for my phone that can have multiple countdowns, that I can personalize. I should get on that. 

6 days until my final interview with Marriott International!!! Wow. Real life is starting a lot sooner than I would like it too...

16 days until my last VEISHEA celebration at ISU and 21 days until Alumni Relations Dignitaries Day! (on that committee!) I am very excited about this week, besides the fact that I have 3 exams and a project due this week, but nonetheless it will be fun!! It always is. Currently stressful-to the point where I could NOT for the life of me remember the word 'VEISHEA' when asked what office key I needed. Weird.

5 weeks... FIVE WEEKS PEOPLE...until I graduate from my beloved Iowa State University. AHHHHH!!!! I cannot even begin to fathom this amazing four years coming to an end. Eeek. I will be a crying mess at graduation, I just know it. I can barely even write about it without feeling completely nostalgic.

6 weeks until Joe and Melodie get married and I make sure it all goes according to plan. Yay for weddings and happy people in love! And we have a canopy already being set up. Whoop! One more thing off of our to-do list. Soft pink, silver, and grey will create a beautiful glow as the two become one and live happily ever after. :) (I am a sucker for a good wedding...but you already knew that.)

9 weeks until Josh and Callie tie the knot with my help. Would you believe that my little Callie and long-time friend Josh are about to be married! Their whimsical "night under the stars" inspired setting will be soft and romantic as we celebrate Jesus through their marriage.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Picking Your Venues

Howdy Y'all! Welcome back to my blog. I am currently writing weekly about some current and huge topics concerning wedding planning. Here is my first post. Please leave comments or questions. 

First things first: Congratulations on the engagement! I hope you have taken a week and let it soak in, smile big, and show off your new ring. Now, let us begin the exciting and wonderful process of planning your wedding. We have much to do in a time frame that will fly by faster than you could imagine.
Step one is to chose a date, but if a venue for the ceremony or reception is particularly important to you, see what dates they have open before you pick your official date. There are many things to remember, and a few questions to ask, when picking out the perfect venues.
1.     Is your date available?
2.     What is the deposit price and total cost?
3.     What is the capacity for seating with rounds and eight-foot tables?
4.     Do they have an in-house caterer, recommended, or no catering regulations?
5.     What is the alcohol policy?
6.     What are the decoration guidelines?
After you have the answers, and they are to your liking, go ahead and ask a few people for their opinions. Do not waste time making this decision. You want to get your name on that date if you decide to go with that venue. When you have secured your locations, let the daydreaming begin! Start writing down ideas, cutting out pictures, making idea boards, and developing what you want your day to look like.
Thank you for reading!!! Check back in next week for more helpful tips and tricks to planning your perfect day! 
a few links to try out.
ask for my help   try your local convention bureau

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Family is Growing

Holy engagements!!! I am in wedding heaven
Ryan and Emily get engaged in Paris, on the Eiffel Tower, right before they attend the 2012 Olympic games. Wow, did he set the bar high!!!
Katie and Neil get engaged and will be wed in September 2013!!!
Kylie and Derrick get engaged and will tie the knot on December 31, 2013! 
(Just in case you do not realize, this means-NEW YEARS EVE WEDDING!!!!!!!!)
WHoooooHooooo! I am so excited to help three of my favorite cousins with their huge days.
My cousin Mary, her parents, and myself are hosting an engagement party at our family’s furniture store this August for Katie & Neil and Kylie & Derrick. Invitations are being made and the menu is being picked out. I am in charge of desserts, obviously, and the d├ęcor. I want to class things up with heavy hors d’oeuvres, rich desserts, alongside wine and cocktails.
Boys get your fancy pants on and girls bring your dresses-we have a real party on our hands!

Monday, March 4, 2013

More Cake!

a funfetti sprinkle cake with almond buttercream accented with almonds to fit the color scheme 

couple's cake table-scape

shout out to Logan Clement for amazing pictures! check out his work HERE