Saturday, March 30, 2013

Let The Countdowns Begin!

Its getting to that point in time where count-downs are starting to form! 
And considering how much I plan, this only a handful of countdowns that are continually running. I need an app for my phone that can have multiple countdowns, that I can personalize. I should get on that. 

6 days until my final interview with Marriott International!!! Wow. Real life is starting a lot sooner than I would like it too...

16 days until my last VEISHEA celebration at ISU and 21 days until Alumni Relations Dignitaries Day! (on that committee!) I am very excited about this week, besides the fact that I have 3 exams and a project due this week, but nonetheless it will be fun!! It always is. Currently stressful-to the point where I could NOT for the life of me remember the word 'VEISHEA' when asked what office key I needed. Weird.

5 weeks... FIVE WEEKS PEOPLE...until I graduate from my beloved Iowa State University. AHHHHH!!!! I cannot even begin to fathom this amazing four years coming to an end. Eeek. I will be a crying mess at graduation, I just know it. I can barely even write about it without feeling completely nostalgic.

6 weeks until Joe and Melodie get married and I make sure it all goes according to plan. Yay for weddings and happy people in love! And we have a canopy already being set up. Whoop! One more thing off of our to-do list. Soft pink, silver, and grey will create a beautiful glow as the two become one and live happily ever after. :) (I am a sucker for a good wedding...but you already knew that.)

9 weeks until Josh and Callie tie the knot with my help. Would you believe that my little Callie and long-time friend Josh are about to be married! Their whimsical "night under the stars" inspired setting will be soft and romantic as we celebrate Jesus through their marriage.

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