Friday, December 2, 2011

Its Beginning To Look A LOT Like Christmas!!!

Oh happy day! Only two weeks until my semester is done-finished-over-the end, can you tell I am ready!? I have so many ideas for Christmas. Mainly I wish I had a home to decorate, because let's face it, I would probably paint the house in warm winter colors just for the holidays. But, because I don't, I will decorate my parents home and bake a ton! I do want to make ornaments for my Malawi teammates. If it works I will post a pic or two!

As for baking, I wanted to make this Chocolate Wasted Cake but I got sick over Thanksgiving break so that put a damper on things. I also did not get my chocolate covered espresso beans made. Bummer!!! But Christmas break will yield a plethora of desserts as gifts and for our Eve festivities. I want to dip pretzels really badly! I also want to make some sort of peppermint cookie, cake, cupcake, or SOMETHING!

A new goal of mine: I want to pick apart a Psalms or two a day and write all over my bible so that I can revisit my notes later! So far I am loving it!

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