Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Few Thoughts

I want to bake more than I do. It is such a fun and stress reducing activity that lets my creative juices flow. I decided to bake my Orthodontist and his team my trademark Spice Cupcakes. This time I am making an almond butter-cream frosting and topping it with crushed sugar crystals, ground coffee beans, and grated chocolate flakes for that professional finish. They deserve it!! I also will be making a thank you for a couple guys that built me a bench for our balcony! Triple chocolate cookies with vanilla butter-cream sandwiched between 2 gooey morsels. YUM! I know these will be good! I also cannot wait to go home for Thanksgiving break! I will, of course, be making my famous truffles for dessert. I am thinking about trying a new flavor other than original, mint, and pretzel. Any ideas?!? Maybe a peanut butter one is in order! I LOVE peanut butter. And after the holiday I will be making a Chocolate Wasted Cake that I found on Pinterest. I will add a touch of peanut butter for the recipient who loves peanut butter like I do. I am sorry this post is without a picture but just wait for the next 2 weeks and I will have many posts to look at.

And then planning, baking, and all things CHRISTMAS will be unleashed! Bring it on! Wooo!

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