Friday, November 4, 2011

The Smith Wedding

Mr. & Mrs. Smith, two of the most fun people I have ever met, got married September 24th and asked me to do their reception hall and all that jazz. It was so fun helping Sarah, a friend of about 15 years, plan all the decor, order the apples, and just help her ideas play out. The picture to the left is the area where the dinner and mingling took place. I am sorry for the ghost-like image in the middle but I had to avoid using the flash. The strands and strands of hundreds of twinkle lights were all borrowed and put up the day before along with the tulle. The tables were set by the staff at the reception hall. The tables had four different centerpieces pieced together with candles, roses, mirrors, glass containers, and rose petals. The entry way had the gift table and the generation table. Both were decorated with apples, lights, candles, and roses to help everything flow together. Their guest-book was unique and required no awkward waiting line to place your signature in a memory book. They had stamped note cards at each place setting with instructions on the wedding favor. The favor was an apple, to tie in all of their wedding colors, with a pinned in leaf containing instructions on how to make their guest book. It was really fun to see people writing notes to the bride and groom. The wedding was Christ centered and the day was breath taking. Thanks go to Mr. and Mrs. Smith for such an incredible day!
(This is the wedding favor)

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